Replacing your childhood treasures can be an expensive endeavor. Chester O'Chimp is no exception. It can take months of searching to find a Chester O'Chimp for sale, and when they are found, the prices can be pretty high. Check your local antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets on a regular basis if you are looking to get a chimp. One of our guestbook entries talks of finding one cheap at a garage sale! If you like to go online, EBay is a great auction site that has listed many Chesters for sale. You can even register with Ebay and sign up for their notification service. As soon as an item is posted, it will notify you via e-mail that an item is for sale. You can also check Chester's Trading Post. Use our FREE trading post guest book to list Chester's for sale or let people know you are shopping for one.

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Chester O' Chimp
04-01-01$24.99EBAY.COMClean. No vest or voicebox.
04-02-01$202.50 EBAY.COMComplete working condition. Clean, including vest.
04-05-01$177.50EBAY.COMTalking. Vest missing.
02-03-02$53.00EBAY.COMTalking. Vest missing. No tongue
Larry the Lion
01-16-03 $175 TIMEWARPTOYS.COM Excellent Condition
Jabber Jaw
01-16-03 $60 EBAY.COM Small repaired spot over ear. Listed as a "Buy it Now" item
Finding your own Chester O'Chimp is not as simple as it may seem. Even with EBAY and other auction sites making these toys more available, often sellers do not know what they have. If you do a searchand can't find the toy you are looking for, try less obvious keywords. The list below should give you some ideas of where to start.
Chester Chimp
Animal Yacker
Vintage Chimp
Talking Chimp
Mattel 1962
Old Stuffed Monkey
Antique Talking Toy