Chester's eyes are large and expressive. The irises are bright blue and the pupils black. Both the iris and the pupil move independently when you shake him. From the Chesters I have seen, the eyes are quit sturdy. Just look for scratches on the clear plastic surface and make sure neither "googley" part is stuck.
His vest has a snappy shamrock & flower pattern. Colors should be bold and bright. The front of the vest closes with 2 snaps. Missing snaps are common. Many Chesters up for sale are missing the vest alltogether.
Mouth and Tongue
Chester's mouth is a soft vinyl material and should be a vibrant flesh color. The nose and freckles are painted brown. The mouth should move when they voice box is activated. Chester's tongue is pink felt and may be missing from toys that were loved nearly to death by their little owners.
The fabric tag shows the copyright date and patent information. If the Chester has been heavily played with, the tag may be missing.
Chester's hands are fabric with a wire interior. The hands are made to be easily posed. Common damage is wire poking through fabric. Look for evidence of resewing.
Pull String & Voice Box
Chester should have a pull string to activate the voice box. When the string is pulled, the mouth should also move. Some of Chester's phrases include:
When I grow up I'm gonna be a great big chump...er, chimp!
Don't call me a baboon... that's Cousin Elmer
Don't just feed me bananas...I like people food
I speak English hahaha Can't you talk monkey?
Ah it's marvelous, it tis.. How we look so much alike
I'll be a monkey's uncle... oh I am
How about going into Monkey business?
I'm just a little chimp, diddle, diddle dumb
Here are some of the individual features that make Chester so very special. These are things to keep in mind if you are trying to purchase one for yourself or a loved one or price one for sale. There is nothing wrong with adopting or selling a Chester that is less than perfect, but just make sure you are not paying a premium price or charging too much for a wounded monkey.